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New Story! (:

So, I am still working on this story, I just needed to write another one.

It's a Jordan story. (:

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Part 9

I didn't say anything as his hand slid up under my shirt, both of our mouths locked together. Shockingly enough, I didn't feel very tense either. I guess it was just one of those moments where you're frozen in thought, or when you wake up from a dream and you're trying to figure it out, but its all foggy.

As I snapped away from those thoughts though, I pulled myself away from him, our lips seperating, and Geno giving me an odd look. "Geno, I.. Uh..." Moving my body away from his, and sitting up on the bed, I just waited. To tell you the truth, I was scared of going further. My mom and dad has divorced when my dad had figured out that my mother was having an affair with one of his best friends, and that really upset my dad to the point where he'd rather work then be around the house. Truthfully, I didn't want to go through the same thing my dad did, or go very far until I really knew Geno. If you wanted a one night stand, Carly was the one to talk to.

Geno sat up beside me, and watched, nodding, understanding what I was trying to say. "Is okay, maybe next time." He spoke and grinned, and I smiled a bit. Then I put my boots on, and we headed off outside, withtout any more marshmellows, and back to the campfire.


"Kelli! I call your bed!" Carly yelled and grinned as we made our way out of the basement. The rest of our team had left, and only Jordan, Max, and Geno were left at my house. Sid and Kris had decided to head back to the hotel a while ago.

"What? You aren't serious!" I yelled as she ran up the stairs, and I followed after her. Once I got to my room, I found her sprawled out on my bed. "C'mon Carly." I spoke and grinned.

"But we always sleep together." She spoke, and laughed. I looked to the guys "Get your mind out of the gutter.." I spoke and laughed, then turned back to Carly. "Seriously, you're half drunk, I don't want you to puke on my sheets." I added, watching her.

Kelli watched me, and smirked. "Too bad you can't move me from your bed." I watched her, curious at what she meant and made my way onto the bed, and tried to push her off. The only problem was, Geno, Jordan, and Max all made their way on my bed too, and wedged themselves between Kelli and I, so there was no way I could get her off my bed. "Uh fine." I spoke, and got off the bed.

"There's two more empty rooms, and the basement, because I'm guessing you guys don't want to all sleep together. Goodnight." I spoke, and made my way out of my room, down the hall, and to the guest room that was furthest away.

I crawled into the queen size bed, and laid there staring at the wall. Five minutes later, Geno entered and crawled in beside me. Wrapping his arms around me. I probably would have been tense, but the sound of him breathing, and his warm body was comfortable, and soon I was sound a sleep.


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Part 8

Turning my head so I could get a better view at whoever had attached themselves to me (and I had a pretty good guess), I gave a small smile when I saw Geno, who then smiled back, and sat down beside me. Still keeping his right arm around my waist, which, surprisingly, I didn't feel tense about.

Glancing around, I noticed everyone had come outside, now in full winter gear, and had already dug into the bag of marsh mellows I brought out, and started to roast them. Hopefully, there would be some left for me.

Looking to Geno, I smiled. "Ever had a smore?" I asked, and waited for an answer with a small smile on my face. Curious to hear his answer.

"No. Show me." He spoke, smiling, and I smiled back once again. Then, looked around. Getting one of the sticks and putting a marsh mellow on it, and then handing it to Geno.

"So, all you have to do, it put it near the fire, and it will cook. It's done when it gets golden brown." I spoke, and grinned a bit, watching him listen to me, then smile and nod. Placing the marsh mellow near the fire.

I turned away for a second to check how many marsh mellows were left, when I heard a 'whoops'. Quickly I turned my gaze back to Geno, and I started to laugh when I saw that the marsh mellow had caught fire, and was charcoal black. "Good try." I spoke, and laughed. "You can just throw it in the fire. I've never met anyone who likes to eat-"

"No! Don't listen to her Geno!" Yelled Jordan who then shoved his marsh mellow stick at Max while he came over to our side of the fire, and took the burnt marsh mellow away from Geno, and ate it, grinning, then walked away.

I just watched him, and looked back to Geno with a smirk on his face who was smiling too. I shook my head, still grinning then looked back at the marsh mellow bag, and noticed there were none left, but I knew there were some in the fridge. "I'll be right back." I spoke, and stood up off of the bench.

"I help you." Geno spoke, and grinned, and I shrugged, then we both made are way back inside, happy to feel the warmth hit our cold faces as we entered.

"So, there should be another bag in the cupboard..." I spoke, and headed into the kitchen where I dragged my step stool over to the cupboard, and stepped up on it, opening the cupboard and pushing a few things around, looking for the other bag of marsh mellows.

When I couldn't find them though, I sighed and turned around, looking to Geno, who was watching me and smiling. "You almost as tall as me." He spoke, motioning to the step stool and smiling.

"Haha. Very funny." I replied, and made my way down from the step stool, then watching him, as he had a mischvious look on his face. I turned away, looking to the ground, and thats when I saw my socks and sandels. I looked back to him. "I'm just going to go grab my boots. I left them in my room." I spoke, then headed on up the stairs.

As I made my way into my room, I glanced around, and after finding where Carly, Jordan, and Kris had hid my boots, and turned my gaze back to the door, where Geno was leaning against the door frame. Smiling. "No wonder you lost boots." He spoke then grinned, and I watched him, and started to grin myself.

"I know, I think I'm losing my mind." I spoke and smirked, then sat down on my bed and started to pull my boots on, and Geno came and sat down beside me, smiling. I watched him with one boot on, one off.

Sliding his hand around my waist again, and pulling me closer to him, and smiled warmly, which caused me to smile back. I felt his lips touch mine, and soon enough, our kisses turned more passionate, like there was no tomorrow. I wasn't even thinking about being tense, well, I wasn't even thinking at all. I didn't even notice when we were lying on the bed, tangled in eachother, his hand sliding up my hoodie and under my shirt.


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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Part 7

“Don’t you guys have to like, leave and go back to Pittsburgh?” I asked as I opened the door to my house, and made my way inside, everyone piling in after me. I had put my equipment in the garage to air out already. Setting the keys on the small side table, I looked to them, then to Carly, then back to them.

“Nope, well, we aren’t leaving now, tomorrow in the early afternoon. So, you’ve got me for one more night!” Max spoke and smirked.

I rolled my eyes. “Great…”

I looked around, then to Carly. “So, food is in the fridge obviously. Don’t break anything or you’re paying for it, and clean it up before I wake up in the morning, night.” I spoke to Carly, and started to walk away when I felt Carly’s grip on my shoulder, her eyebrows raised.

“Oh no, you have to stay up. I don’t care if you’re tired.” She spoke, and I sighed

“Fine, but I’m taking a shower first.” I spoke, and looked to the guys. “Don’t get any ideas.” Then, I was on my way up the stairs and up to my room to take a shower.

After I had taken a nice long hot shower, I quickly dried my hair and pulled on a pair of jeans, a pair of socks, a random blue t-shirt and a comfortable grey hoodie. Carly would probably get angry at me for not look good in her eyes or something, but I was comfortable, this was my house, and I really didn’t care. I wasn’t going to waste an hour and straighten my wavy hair anyways. I was just going to plan on sneaking off to bed.

I made my way down the stairs, and I heard the music blasting from in the basement. Carly must have put the guys, the hockey team, and herself down there. I looked around, and made my way to the kitchen where I got a glass of water, and then made my way to my back door where I quickly stepped outside. It was pretty nice out for February, above zero. I smiled to myself, and hurried back inside, grabbing the shed keys, a lighter, pulling my black tall ugg boots on my feet, a red toque with snowflakes and a pompom on the top onto my head, and my mitts on my fingers. Then, I made my way outside into my backyard.

Once I had gotten the kindling, a few logs, and the newspaper from the shed, I brought it over to the fire pit and started to construct a campfire. How could you not want to be outside when it’s this nice out? You might look at it as its cold out, or you could look at it hot for February. I’d rather not be in a basement stuffed full of sweaty people.

After I had built my campfire, I took the lighter and lit it. The flames were wonderful, nice and warm on my chilled face. I smiled to myself, and sat down on the comfortable bench. Just watching the fire, and calming myself. Luckily, my hangover had gone away by now, so no more headaches.

Then, I remembered I had marsh mellows, chocolate, and graham crackers in the kitchen, and I smiled to myself. I hadn’t had a smore in a while, and I deserved it. Well, okay. It wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but it made me happy. That counts for something right?

I made my way away from the toasty warmth of the fire, and towards the back door of my house. My boots making imprints in the small amount of snow that was covering the ground. I hadn’t made a snowman yet this year, which, hopefully we’d get more snow so I could do so. Oh, and have a snowball fight with Carly. I needed my revenge.

I reached the back door, and turned the door knob, making my way inside the warm house. I decided to leave my boots, toque, and mitts, on as I made my way to the kitchen, leaving small puddles of water on the floor from the snow. I probably should have cleaned it up, but everyone was downstairs anyways. It’s not like someone was going to slip or anything.

As I rounded the corner and into the kitchen, I found half of my hockey team sitting there, huddled up, and hiding it seemed. I watched them, and then looked around. Where was everyone else? I turned back to my teammates, and raised an eyebrow. “What’s going on?” I spoke loud enough, which got me a ‘shush’. Were they really playing hide and seek? Wow, at least this time I wasn’t the one feeling embarrassed.

I giggled and smirked, which caused me to get another ‘shush’ out of the team. Then, I quieted down a bit, watching them. Then, I looked around. Wait, if they were playing hide and seek, did that mean people were hiding all over my house and in my bedroom where there are posters of NHL hockey players, specifically the ones that are actually in my house right now? Oh shit. Once again, I felt embarrassed.

That smirk quickly left my face, and I glanced around nervously. My teammates giving me odd looks, then they started to smirk. Oh jeez, why did we all have to see eye to eye? They started to quietly giggle as I ran out of the kitchen, and up the stairs, boots still on trailing water through my house.

I stood there at the top of the stairs, looking around. It was quiet and dark. Maybe they weren’t up here. I made my way down the hall. Glancing around, and soon enough I made it to my bedroom. Slowly, I opened the door. Everything was quiet, and I didn’t hear anyone. That was a relief, but where was everyone?

I stepped through the doorway, and into my room. Looking around, I scanned the room. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at first glance. I slipped off my boots when I realized they were still on, and headed over to my bathroom. I quickly poked my head inside, and everything seemed normal. I smiled to myself, and then turned around, facing my room again.

That’s why I noticed the blankets that covered my bed moving. I shock my head. Just when you thought everything was normal, something always happened. I made my way over to my bed, and lifted up the blanket, revealing Carly, Jordan, and Kris who were hiding under my bed. How could they even fit under there? I watched them, and looked to the door, then back to them. Jordan was grinning.

“I like your posters.” He spoke, and smirked. Oh how much he felt like an older brother. Oh haha, look at that, I was in the perfect place to kick him in the head right now too.

“Shut up. I bet you have all the same posters up in your room too.” I spat, getting a small laugh from Kris and a glare type smile look from Carly, another point for Kelli. Too bad Jordan just smirked and rolled his eyes.

“So, who are you hiding from?” I asked, looking around then back to the three.

“Max.” Carly spoke and I grinned. Of course he would be it. He’s way too loud to hide. That’s like putting a great white shark in a tiny fish bowl. It just doesn’t fit, literally.

I could hear someone coming up the stairs and I grinned. Looking to the three under the bed, I smiled. “Well have fun, I’ll try not to make too much noise.” I spoke, and left my room.

As I made my way around the corner, I found myself staring at a large body who was Geno, and he smiled. I smiled back, and looked around, then back to him. “Where’s Max?” I whispered, and he gave me a funny look, then realised I was talking about the game of hide and seek that was going on, and the confused look left his face.

“He’s in the basement with Sid.” Geno answered quietly, and watched me as I thought this over for a moment. So, Max was too lazy to go find everyone eh? I was kind of in the mood to get into a little argument, or, at least be stubborn. I kind of liked to get reactions out of people, even if they were bad ones. I don’t know why, I just liked to push people buttons.

“C’mon.” I spoke as I took Geno’s hand, pulling him away. He seemed fairly happy, or excited I was taking him somewhere, but when he realized we were going to the basement where Sidney and Max were, you could tell he wasn’t as happy about that.

I opened the door, and made my way down the stairs with Geno following behind me. I got a look from Max that had his eyebrows raised and a smirk plastered on his mouth. Jeez, maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to come down here. “You know, if you’re too lazy to go find everyone, you can always call olly olly oxen free, you know, so they’ll stop hiding.” I spoke, and then looked around my fairly messy basement. It definitely wasn’t like this earlier.

“But then there would be more people down here, and less room for me to lie across this couch.” Max spoked, and smirked, looking to Geno for a second who went and sat down on the other couch with Sid. Then, Max looked to me, or, looked me over. “What’s with the toque?” He added, grinning.

I lifted my hand to my head, and pulled the toque off of my head, looking at it for a few moments, then back to Max. “This is Toronto; we’re gangster here, so we like to wear toques, even in the summer. Ever been to Rexdale, or Jan n’ Finch? It’s pretty sweet there.” I grinned, and watched Max, then looked to Geno and Sid. No one was laughing, or, smiling for that matter. I guess you had to be from Toronto to get it, even if it wasn’t that funny in the first place.

I shrugged, and looked around. Beer bottles, red plastic cups, and other bottles were around. Chips were in bowls, and nothing seemed to be broken. This actually seemed pretty mild to what Carly usually did whenever she was over at my house. This was good.

Then, I looked to my hat again, and back to Max, then to Sid, and then to Geno, that’s when I remembered why I had this toque on in the first place, and why I had come inside. “Oh shit!” I yelled, and ran up the stairs, putting the hat on my head. When I got to the back door, and my boots weren’t there, I was confused and couldn’t remember where I had put them, so I threw on a pair of sandals and slipped my sock covered feet into them, heading out the door and through the snow to the dire pit.

The fire was still lit, and although the flames weren’t as big as they were before, nice coals had formed beneath the fire, perfect for smores. I grinned, happy that this had all worked out, and then I looked to my feet, which were cold, even if I had socks on, and I headed back through the snow, and made my way inside.

As I walked through the door, I think every living person in my house must have been staring at me, even Jordan, Carly, and Kris had come out from under my bed. I hadn’t yelled that loud, had I? Oh well. I just looked at them, and made my way around them to the kitchen, where I picked up the gram crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, and headed back over to the back door, where everyone was still watching me, and Carly was starting to laugh. I looked down to my feet, where I was still wearing socks in sandals, and looked to everyone. Ah, whatever. I’ll get my boots later.

“Anyone want a smore?” I asked, and that caused everyone to start laughing. Fine, whatever, they can make their own then if they’re going to laugh at me.

“How can you go outside like that? It’s freezing!” Amy spoke, and I smirked. That’s why I built a fire, and that’s why I want a smore. Some people just don’t think do they?

“I built a fire, and it’s not that cold. Plus, I’ve got warm clothes on...” I looked to my sandals and socks, then back to Amy. “…sort of.” I added, and then glanced around, looking to Geno who was smiling, then to the rest of the team. “Okay, bye.” I spoke, then headed out the door, and made my way through the snow once again, and out to the fire pit. Then, I put a couple more pieces of wood on it, and set my ingredients down on the bench, just watching the fire while I heard people piling out of my house, and then I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist. It was definitely a nice night.


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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Part 6

We pulled into the rink parking lot and parked. It was pretty much empty except for a few cars that I recognized were my teammates. Looking to everyone, then to the rink, I looked back to them. “Are you sure you want to be here? You might get attacked by girls.” I spoke as we exited the van, and Carly and I started to grab out stuff. Max laughed, smirking “How is that a bad thing?” I rolled my eyes and smirked while chuckles escaped their mouths. “Fine, don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” I slung my bag over my arm, and held my two sticks in my right hand. Carly did the same, and we all headed towards the entrance of the rink, and went inside.

I looked around the small lobby type place, and then headed through doors that lead to the rink and smile. Yah, it was an older rink, but I never once didn’t look forward to that cold, fresh, smell of ice whenever I walked in. Smiling to myself, I looked around, then to Geno, Max, Jordan, Sidney, and Kris who were looking around too. “K, I’m just going to put my skates on, don’t do anything stupid.” I spoke, and headed down the side of the rink towards the dressing rooms. I heard Carly laugh “She’s always like this before a game... She has to win. She’s too serious.” Then, I heard Carly coming behind me, and we entered our dressing room.

We were greeted by four of our teammates, Nikki, Beth, Amy, and Jen. They smiled, then Amy spoke “Have fun at the game last night?” which caused Carly to burst out laughing as she set her equipment down in her spot. “I think Kelli had more fun then I did...” She raised an eyebrow, and grinned, looking to me. Oh no, I was not going to explain anything right now. I just wanted to get out on the ice for a quick skate before the game in an hour.

I sat down, pulled on my skates, and started to lace them up, still with everyone watching me. “What? Nothing happened.” I spoke, and then looked to Carly who shook her hand. Fortunately I was finished tying my skates and got up to leave. “Oh no, something happened. If you don’t tell me, I’ll have to tickle it out of you.” Jen spoke and grinned, who also had her skates tied. I looked to her, and the door, and left, then I found myself walking straight into Jordan once again. I glared at him. “Dude, you’re always in my way.” I walked around him, and headed onto the ice, skating around I bit.

Then, I heard our dressing room door open “I’m going to find out what you did last night Kel- Holy shit!” Yup, that was Jen, followed by those same words being repeated again by my other teammates. I heard Max laugh, and I looked over to everyone. Oh great, now we weren’t going to be focused for our game. I sighed, smiling a bit, and skated over to everyone where they were talking.

“Want to know what she did last night?” Max spoke, grinned, looked to me, and laughed. I started to defend myself “Hey, don’t listen to him; he’s going to make up something that I didn’t do!” I replied, and Jordan spoke this time “Yah, well, you can’t even remember what happened last night so how are you even supposed to know if Max is lying or not?” He spoke, and then everyone laughed when I blushed. It was so true, how was I supposed to even know? I looked around, then back to them. I didn’t have a comeback. I turned around and started to skate away when I was grabbed by my teammates and pulled back to the conversation, huge smirks on their faces.

“The funniest thing was when she woke up in the hotel room this morning, in her bra and Geno’s sweat pants, and you should have seen the look on her face.” Max added, grinning, and I got arched eyebrows and grins from my teammates. I blushed even more. I was the responsible one on the team, this was news to them. Everyone laughed, and once again, I was completely embarrassed. Nikki watched me, grinned, and being the most outgoing and oblivious person in the world , decided it was a good idea and asked “How was it?” causing me to look at her, mouth hanging open, and everyone laughing. “What? Did you seriously just ask me that?” Nikki grinned, and everyone was killing themselves laughing. I started to leave again, and then Jordan spoke “She can’t answer that because she doesn’t remember. Judging by what I heard last night though-“

I turned around, made my way over to Jordan, and punched him, which only made him smirk and laugh. “Nothing happened. End of story.” I spoke, watching them. My teammates still weren’t satisfied though. “Something definitely happened. Your face when you came into the dressing room was priceless.” Beth spoke, and I covered my eyes, everyone was still laughing. Max laughed “See! Told you, she just can’t remember.” He spoke, grinning. Then, I felt someone pull me away, and I looked to Geno who smiled. Then, I looked back to everyone, and they were laughing “Looks like they’re going to go finish what they started last night.” Jordan spoke, and I glared, and then he added “Hey Geno! She’s pretty feisty on the ice, how is she off?!” Jordan, and everyone laughed and Geno just smirked and shook his head. “You never get chance to find out.” Geno spoke, and then we were out of sight, and heading off to the old referee’s dressing room which no one used anymore.

I entered first, and Geno closed the door behind us and leaned against it, watching me, with a small smirk on his face. I was watching him. Not really sure why we were here, and wondering when I’d get an explanation. I had a game, and this was really starting to distract me which wasn’t a good thing at all. I looked around the small, old room. It wasn’t very comforting being in here. Any minute it felt like someone was going to jump out at me and grab me or something. It also didn’t help that there were some cobwebs around. Did I mention I hate spiders?

When I was pinned up against the wall though, Geno being the one pinning me, those eerie thoughts left my head as his lips touched mine. Electric shocks ran all through my body, chills ran up my spine. I shivered, which made Geno chuckle softly. I wasn’t used to this at all, so I just kind of went into some sort of shock, stood there; or waited there as I was completely tense. However much I wanted to kiss him back, my brain was telling me it just wasn’t something that I did, so I held myself back.

After trying to get a reaction out of me, but not succeeding, Geno watched me, letting me go from the wall as he leaned against another with a confused sort of look on his face. I watched him, still standing there quite tense, still not saying anything.

“Do you like girls?” He asked, still trying to figure me out. I stood there, thinking for a moment until what he had said sunk into my head “What?! No! Not that there’s anything wrong with that or anything, but... I just don’t, uh... Roll that way.” I spoke quite frantically. Was that the impression I was giving off? Huh, that kind of would make sense I guess, but still, not something that I wanted to hear. I looked around, running a hand through my hair. Was it getting hot in here? Why so I always feel so embarrassed?

I looked back to Geno, who was still watching me. I guess waiting for an explanation from me, but, I didn’t really have one. I looked to the door, maybe running and hiding was the best answer. As I started to walk towards the door, he stepped in front of me, raising an eyebrow, and signalling for me to sit on the small bench in the room. I sighed, and went and sat down as he stood in front of me, waiting.

I looked at him, then to my hands. Keeping my gaze away from him as I tried to think of an explanation “I, uh, don’t usually involve myself in... this type of thing. That’s usually Carly’s job.” I spoke, and looked up to him as he smirked. “I know. You virgin.” Geno spoke, so easily too. I looked to my hands again. Was it that obvious? I knew I wasn’t very outgoing in public or anything, but I’d know this guy for not even two days, and he could figure that out? Maybe I should be getting some tips from Carly, she might how to make it look less obvious. I looked back to him where he was still watching me. I really didn’t have a better explanation.

“You still too tense.” Geno spoke softly and sat beside me on the small bench and, well, took up most of the room. He smiled, and turned me a bit so he could put his hands on my shoulders, and he started to give me a massage again. Of course, I started to get up, but he held me back, making me sit down, a bit roughly. “You’re too shy. Relax.” Geno spoke, with a bit of frustration in his voice. I guess I was being kind of a pain, but I wasn’t used to this type of thing.

It felt really good though. He sure knew which places to touch. I was definitely relaxed now, and comfortable. As he pushed into my back and shoulders, I thought back to what Jordan had said about him knowing how to get into my pants now. Screw Jordan, even if what he said was true, I really wanted to get the duct tape out and tape his mouth shut.

As I was thinking about how much Jordan was pissing me off, sort of like the way a brother treats you, I felt Geno’s lips on my neck and a shiver passed through me, causing Geno to chuckle once again. Oh no, I was giving in. But his lips, every time he touched me, I felt electricity run through my body. It was the most amazing feeling, and I was giving in. The thought of hockey had completely slipped my mind until now.

That’s when I heard the knock on the door, and I turned around and looked to Geno, who, instead of bothering with the doors pushed his lips against mine, and somehow got me up against the wall as his lips devoured mine, and his hands ran along my body. I felt weak in the knees, and I definitely gave in, and started to kiss him back and I guess he liked I guess when he pushed me up against the wall a bit more and, I liked it? This surely wasn’t me. What happened?

Just as I was getting into it, of course, Max burst through the door. I huge smirk on his face. He studied us, me being pushed against the wall, and Geno, since he was so big, practically smothering me. “Oh, sorry, was I interrupting something?” He asked sarcastically, raising an eyebrow with a huge grin on his face. I looked to Geno, who had that grin on his face, and looked back to Max. I could feel the huge blush on my face. I tensed, and Geno let go of me, and we both stood up. “What do you want?” I spoke, as I walked past Max and out the door, the two of them falling in step beside me.

“Your teammates requested your presence in the dressing room.” Max spoke, and I watched him. He was definitely planning something. I turned my gaze away from him, and soon I found myself walking towards the others who were waiting outside the dressing room and Carly and a couple of my teammates waiting with them, all who had huge grins on their faces. Oh boy, time for more embarrassing moments.

We made our way to them, and I stood there, waiting for some comments to start coming my way. I looked to Max as he spoke “So, who’s better? Me or Geno?” He asked a huge grin on his face. I watched him, and looked to the others who started to laugh. “Nothing happened.” I replied, walking towards the dressing room. “That’s not what I saw...” Max spoke once again, grinning. I looked to him, and glared. “Screw you.” Max started to laugh “That’s what she said!” He added, and everyone was laughing hard once again. Did that even male sense? I rolled my eyes, and looked around. Sighing as I walked through the dressing room door.

We had won our game five to two, I had got two goals, Carly had gotten a few assists. I was beyond angry though. I had played a terrible game, despite however many times my teammates praised me in the dressing room. I was in an even worse mood now, and all I wanted to do was go home and sleep. If you really looked at it, I had played a pretty good game, but, I was overly hard on myself, even the smallest mistakes bugged me.

As we made out way out of the dressing room Carly shouted “Party at Kelli’s house! Good game guys!” I watched her and glared. “No, have it at your house.” I spoke, and Carly shook her head. She never listens. “Sorry, already announced it.” She was smirking. Clearly, she couldn’t tell I wanted to go punch out a window or something. I rolled my eyes “Fine, but I’m going to sleep! You’re going to have to make sure no one break anything.” I spoke as we made out way to the guys.

“Party eh?” Max spoke and grinned, and Carly laughed. “Yup! At her house! We have to celebrate our win!” Carly pointed to me as she declared whos house it was at. I sighed, rolling my eyes, and heading for the arena doors, and I could hear everyone following me. “Good game.” Jordan spoke, and I rolled my eyes. “Fuck you.” I couldn’t help it that I was in a bad mood. Sometimes, I’m just not a very happy person. I didn’t want to hear about my game. I had already criticized myself enough in my head. I heard Carly speak “Don’t worry, she’s always moody after games. She thinks she sucks.” I didn’t say anything to that, and soon I found myself at the van that we had taken to get to the arena. Once we had loaded up our equipment, we were headed to my house. Hopefully, they’d be quiet enough so I could just go to sleep.


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Part 5

I thought I could hear people speaking softly, mumbling, but then I listened closer and realized it was just the TV. Had I left it on last night? Huh. I couldn’t even remember when I went to bed last night. I turned over in my bed, but, it seemed a whole lot bigger then it usually was. Now, I was getting kind of freaked out. Ouch, and why was my head pounding?

Opening my eyes, I found I was in a hotel room, lying in one of the beds, while Kris Letang was sitting on the other bed, watching the TV. My eyes popped out of my head, and I sat up quickly, causing Kris to turn his head and looked at me. “Uh… Geno told me to wait here with you. He just went out to get breakfast.” He then turned back to the TV, a small, but visible blush noticeable on his half smiling face.

I looked around, and then noticed I was just wearing my black lacy bra on the top, and on the bottom a pair of black sweat pants that must have been three sizes too big for. I blushed, put my hand to my forehead. I had no idea how I got here, or what happened. I looked to my arm, pinched it, and I definitely wasn’t dreaming. Had a hot, large, Russian hockey star taken my virginity last night, and I couldn’t even remember? Shit, I hope not. I would have liked to at least remember probably one of the best moments of my life.

I pulled the blanket over me for I had no idea where my clothes were that I had worn last night, and, I couldn’t even remember what I had worn either. What had happened? I wish Geno would come back, or, I wish I could disappear maybe, or wake up if this really was a dream. This was kind of at the top of my most embarrassing list.

My eyes were all over the room, and after a few minutes Geno appeared, along with Jordan, Max, and Carly. Carly, what was she doing here? Oh jeez, what had she put me through this time? They must have noticed my confused, deer-in-the-headlights type look on my face, because they all started laughing, and I seriously couldn’t see what was so funny.

“Did you have a good time last night?” Carly spoke, a huge smirk on her face as she sat down on the bed Kris was sitting on with Jordan, while Max and Geno came and sat down on the bed I was sleeping on.

I didn’t reply to her, and was just searching each and every one of their faces for answers. When I got no words out of anyone, and just more laughs and grins, I finally spoke. “Can some one tell me what happened last night?” I spoke quietly, looking around.

“I think you had a pretty good time, by what I heard anyways.” Max spoke, smirked, and received an elbowing from Geno who had that dopey smirk on his face. Did I seriously get de-flowered last night?

“Don’t worry. Nothing happen.” Geno spoke, and then added “You just really drunk, was funny.” He laughed, causing everyone to laugh again. I ran a hand through my hair, and looked around, my face fairly red at this point.

“Geno, why’d you have to tell her, we could have kept her questioning like this all day!” Carly spoke, which made everyone laugh, just because I guess it was funny that my best friend wanted to torment me. I raised an eyebrow at her. “Ha-ha. Ha.” I said sarcastically, which caused everyone to laugh even harder. Everything that came out of my mouth was still funny I guess.

I rolled my eyes, and looked to the clock, and then a gasped. “Dammit Carly! It’s one o’clock and we’ve got a game at four!” I spoke frantically, hoping out of the bed, still wearing only my bra and those oversized sweat pants. I looked to Carly who was giggling, then to Max, Geno, and Jordan her were looking me over with smirks on their faces, and then looked to Kris who was smirking, but trying to avoid me for the most part. I gave him props for that. He seemed to be the only sane person here. I crossed my arms over my chest, and looked to no one in particular. “Where are the clothes I was wearing last night? Obviously, I didn’t come here with this on.” I spoke, getting laughs. “Seriously! I need to go!”

Carly smirked. “You kind of spilt whatever you were drinking all over them. I don’t think you should wear that out of her.” Sighing, I glanced around. “Well, I can’t walk out of here like this!” I spoke, sighing once again, standing there awkwardly. Jeez, why did my life always turn out like this? Unfortunate things always happened to me.

When no one said anything, I shrugged. “Fine, be that way. See you at the game Carly.” Quickly finding my shoes, I slipped them on, and headed to the door of Geno and Kris’s hotel room in my bra and Geno’s sweat pants. I was just about to open the door, when I felt someone pick me up, and carry me back over to the bed, sitting me down there. I looked to Jordan who stood in front of me and smirked. “Do you really want to do that?” I thought for a moment, glaring at him. “Yes.” I tried to get by him, but this time Geno held me back because he was sitting behind me. “No, you don’t.” Geno spoke, smirking.

“Seriously, I need to go, or I’ll an even worse game then I’m going to have now thanks to this hangover.” I glared at Carly as I said that, and she smirked. Obviously, she must have told them how funny I looked when I was drunk, and, they probably agreed pretty quickly.

“I think you should let her go. She reminds me of Sid before a game.” Kris spoke, which made everyone look at him, causing him to shrug. As they were giving him an odd look though, I managed to slide off the bed, and soon was running out the hotel room door, completely embarrassed, but jeez I really had to get to that game. As I rounded the corner, I ran straight into Sidney who almost fell backwards, but kept his balance. Looking at me, he gave me weird look then blushed “Uh, hi?”

I covered my eyes with my hands, and then looked to him. Looking back to where I could hear people running and laughing from down the hall. Oh no. I looked back to Sidney. “They won’t let me go to my game!” I whispered quietly, who was confused. Then, Jordan, Geno, Max, and Carly came around the corner. Laughing, then Max spoke “Why do they always go for Sid? What about me?” They all laughed, and I blushed, not sure what to do now. This was turning out to be one of the weirdest days of my life.

I stood there, Sid standing there awkwardly beside me, and I had no idea how to get out of this situation, a few moments after though, Kris appeared silently behind them, and grinned. He was holding one of his shirts in his hands. I looked to Sidney, and took off behind him. Running down the hall, and trying to find a place to hide. The best I could do was by the ice machine though. I squeezed as close to it as I could and waited.

I heard more running, followed by what sounded like people talking. Then, I heard people coming my way. Oh jeez... Please don’t find me now. I closed my eyes, waiting for someone to grab me, when I just heard a whisper. “It’s okay; we sent them the other way.” Opening my eyes, I found Kris and Sidney standing before me. I can not tell you how much of a relief that was. I relaxed, and smiled. Taking the shirt from Kris and pulling it over my head. “Thanks.” I whispered then looked around.

“Crap.” I spoke, which got me two confused looks from Kris and Sidney. “Oh, uh, I kind of don’t know how I got here last night, so... I don’t have my license, or money for a taxi to get home and to the rink.” Kris looked to Sidney, and they both smiled. Signalling for me to follow them, heading down the stairs and out of the hotel.

Turning the corner, we finally made it to my house. When we pulled up though, I guess I had company. Sitting on my porch steps were Kelli, Geno, Max, and Jordan. “What?!” I looked to Sidney and Kris who were grinning. “Wow, your friend sure knows you well.” Sidney spoke, and Kris laughed. I smiled and shook my head. Not believing this. Oh well, as soon as I got my hockey stick, maybe I could fend them off and take off down the street.

I got out of the car, as did Kris and Sidney. We made out way up to my porch, where they were all laughing. I made my way through them, and lifted up one of the pots that sat on the porch, picking up the spare key. I looked to Carly and smirked. “Ha, I knew you wouldn’t look there.” I put the key in the door, and turned it, unlocking the door, looking to the five Pittsburgh penguins behind me and to Carly “Fine, come in. Make yourselves comfortable, but don’t touch anything that looks valuable.” I made my way through the door, and they followed behind me.

Heading to the kitchen, which was open to the living room which was located just off the front door, I entered the kitchen, and kicked over the stepping stool that I had there, reaching up into the cupboard and getting a glass for myself. As I did this, I got laughed at once again. I glared at them. “Hey, I’m not short, I’m space efficient.” I spoke, grinning, and stepped off the stool. Quickly getting a glass of water and drinking it down. Looking to them, I nodded, and then started to head up the stairs. “There’s drinks and stuff in the fridge and food everywhere. Help yourself.” Then I was headed out of sight and up the stairs.

After I had changed from Kris’s shirt and Geno’s sweat pants into a pair of sweat pants of my own and a shirt of my own, followed by a hoodies, I headed back down the stairs, where I found no one. I had only been up there for ten minutes tops. Where’d they go?

After looking around the first floor, I finally realized where they had gone, into my basement. Oh no. There were posters in their too. I sighed, and headed downstairs where I was greeted by smiling faces, and Max who looked like he had a lot to stay about my tastes in decorating.

”So, are you like, stalking us?” Jordan asked, grinning, and they all laughed. I looked to Carly, who seemed genuinely happy to ruin my life. I looked back to the hockey players. “Nope, you guys are only my second favourite team.” I looked around the room at all of the hockey posters, sticks, pictures, news paper articles around the room. Most of them were of the Leafs and the Pens. I looked to Carly, and sighed.

I headed towards a door in the basement, which was where I kept all my hockey gear. I grabbed my two favourite sticks, and my bag, slinging it over my shoulder and making my way back to where they were standing, watching me. I looked to Carly. “I’m stealing your car.” I said completely serious, and made my way up the stairs slowly as my equipment was kind of heavy. After making it halfway up the stairs, I felt it being lifted from me, and turned to look at Kris who had taken it. I smiled, and he grinned. “I haven’t seen you play yet. I want to see the person who beat Max play.” I laughed, and then noticed Carly behind him “I do not trust you with my car rookie.” I rolled my eyes and smirked, making my way completely up the stairs, and everyone followed.

I quickly grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge, and headed outside where my equipment was being loaded into, not Carly’s car, but the large van/truck type thing that Max, Geno, and Jordan must have taken here. “You’re all coming?” I spoke, and they laughed. “Who doesn’t want to see a team of female hockey players...” Jordan spoke, and Max laughed. I punched him in his abs, and he smirked. “You’re feisty aren’t you?” He added, and I rolled my eyes, getting in the car.

Max was driving, and Sidney sat beside him in the passenger seat. Jordan and Carly sat in the middle bench seat, and Kris, Geno, and I sat in the very back bench seat. I looked to Carly “Okay, talk to me.” I spoke, and got some confused looks from everyone else. Carly laughed. “She has this thing, were she has to be told what to do before she plays, usually she tunes me out after I’ve said about three sentences though. Get’s her in the mood though.” Carly spoke, grinning.

“Hey! I do not tune you out! You just start going on about other stuff!” As I was defending myself, I felt to hands rest on my shoulders, and looked to Geno. He smiled. “You too tense.” He spoke, and then started to massage my shoulders. At first, I tried to get away from him, but it felt really good, like, I can’t even tell you how good it felt. He was pressing so hard, and touching all the right spots. I relaxed, and a small smile started to appear on my face as Geno pushed on my back. It felt so good; I didn’t even care what expression was on my face.

Jordan turned his head, and looked to Geno, grinning “Hey, Geno, looks like you found a way how to get in her pants.” He spoke, and Carly laughed. I just glared at him, too mellow right now to defend myself. Then, we pulled out to Carly’s house to grab her stuff. “Hurry up.” I spoke, and Carly hurried out of the van with Jordan and into her house, where she quickly returned with everything she needed to play. Geno was still giving me a massage, which I was quite happy about. After they had loaded up Carly’s things, we drove away, and headed off to the rink, where I hoped there wouldn’t be too many people there. I didn’t want them to attract too much attention, and, I kind of wanted them to watch me play without having any distractions.


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I'm so sad the Pens got beat out, but happy the Habs won still. Apparently, PK Subban's (who plays for the Habs), his brother goes to my school. Cool eh? Maybe when they win the cup it will stop by. XD

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Part 4

It was the second period, the Leafs were up by one luckily, which, kept me in a pretty good mood. Earlier, during warm-ups, Sid and Geno were pretty much off in their own little worlds, but Max and Jordan were fooling around and stuff, especially when they came near us. It was fairly funny, but soon the game started after the anthems were sung, and the first period was underway, with neither team scoring, both teams deep in focus now.

Back to the second period though, five minutes in, Tyler Bozak scored and the whole crowd roared. Carly and I jumping up and down, screaming with them and happy as could be. Hugging each other, we looked to Fleury, then to the bench, where the Pens heads hung low. It was kind of sad, but, when the Leafs were playing, I always cheered for them, whoever was on the other team. The atmosphere at the Leafs games was amazing, another reason why I loved it, especially when the Leafs were winning.

As the second period dragged on, the Pens got a goal. Geno had scored, receiving an assist was Max. Both of them took quick glances in our direction and had these smiles on their faces as they made their way to the bench with their teammates. I for one was a bit disappointed. I really, really wanted the Leafs to win, especially on my birthday.

About half way through the period, Carly looked at me, and I knew that face. She was definitely up to something. I watched her, raising an eyebrow, and she smirked, laughing. I looked back to the game, ignoring her, and saw that it was time for a commercial break. Looking back to Carly she giggled, then pointed up to the screen, where my face and hers were located, along with text that read “Happy 17th Birthday Kelli!”. I looked back to her, glared at, then looked around, seeing eyes were located on me, I sighed. Oh, and just my luck, what happened next? Of course the announcers had to come on too. “Everyone, wish happy birthday to Kelli who turns seventeen today!.” Looking to Carly again, I shook my head, not amused with this at all as I watched her laughing. I pulled the baseball cap with the Leafs emblem on it that I had bought before the game, and luckily I had so I could hide my face. Oh why did she always have to do these things to me?

Looking to Carly, she was still grinning, and took the hat off my head, keeping it away form me. I rolled my eyes at her, and turned my attention back to the ice, where, unfortunately there was still a commercial game going on and the writing was still on the screen above centre ice. I looked back to Carly. “You might as well just give everyone my phone number too now!” I spoke, completely freaked out. I’ve always been shy. I couldn’t really help it. Looking to Carly, she smirked. “Okay… If you say so...” Carly stood up, glanced around, then started to yell “HEY! Anyone who’s free after the game call 416-255-“ I pulled her down, covering my her mouth with my hand, and glared at her, while she laughed her head off. “Thanks, thanks so much.” I spoke, looking back to the ice where the referees, all the players, and practically everyone was laughing and smiling too. Oh yah, this has sure been one of the most interesting nights of my life.

Luckily, the commercial break ended soon after and everyone was focused on the game again, leaving me to worry about it as well. The Leafs were playing well, but of course, usually in the second period there were playing sloppy, and the Pens got another goal, leaving the Leafs down 2-1. Now, I was a bit unhappy. I hated when the Leafs lost. As the second period ended, and they were still down, and Carly and I sat in out seats, waiting for the final period to begin.

Five minutes into the third period, the Pens scored again, and my mood dropped again. I just sat there, watching, annoyed. Then, seven minutes before the end of the period, the Pens scored once again, making the score 4-1, and I knew it was over. I sighed, slumping, leaning back in my seat. Carly watched me and sighed. She knew how sad I got when the Leafs lost, and, she never really understood, but, she had enough smarts to leave me alone. I couldn’t really explain why I got pissed off, I guess it’s just that loosing sucks and I know how they felt.

As the final buzzer went, the Leafs hurried off to their dressing room and so did the Pens, the Leafs loosing 4-1. I sat there, and sighed, looking to Carly who was watching me. “Sorry they lost.” She spoke and glanced around. I nodded, and smiled a bit. “That’s okay, thanks for everything. Best birthday ever! Except for that incident in the second period, I could have lived without that.” I smirked, and she laughed. “I don’t think I could have lived without it though.” I smirked, and sighed, glancing around then back to her. “Want to go for one last skate while we wait for the traffic to let up?” Carly spoke, looking to me and smiling. I nodded. “Of course! Probably will be the last time I step foot on this ice again!” We quickly grabbed out stuff, and made our way down the crowded hallways and such to the benches, ready to skate one last time.

We laced up our skates, and Carly was the first out on the ice again, skating around. Once again, I stood by the door, staring at the ice. “It doesn’t look as pretty as it did the first time.” I spoke, and looked to Carly, who rolled her eyes. “C’mon and get on the ice.” I sighed, and made my way on the ice, skating around.

I paused for a minute and looked to Carly. “What if we cursed the Leafs when we were on the ice earlier? What if we caused them to loose? Oh no! What if we cause them not to win the Stanley Cup for a hundred years more! I’ll never be able to see it in Toronto unless we got to the Hockey Hall of Fame but, you know what I mean right?! We seriously have to get off the ice right now! Seriously!” I spoke, and looked like a frantic idiot as I spoke, and Carly laughed at me, as I watched her. “Don’t you get it? We cursed them!” I spoke, and turned around, ready to get off the ice as I looked to the bench, and of course, I found Max and Geno were watching us. Max laughing, Geno smiling. Not sure if he could completely understand what I had been talking about, but I’m sure just my body language made me a complete laugh.

I watched them, and got a bit angry as I watched their smirks. I thought this day would have been better, and it was, I was just in one of my moods, so, I was kind of ruining it. “Jeez, why do you always have to show up?” I made my way to the bench, pushing past them and sitting down where I started to untie my skates as Carly skated over. Looking to Geno and Max giving them an apologetic smile as I knew they were, a bit confused. I looked to them, and the three of them were watching me, and I glared. “What? Leave me alone. I feel like punching something.” I spoke, and noticed how, weird it sounded I looked back to my skates, untying the other one.

“She’s just angry the Leafs lost, she gets like this. Something about knowing how the feel…” Carly spoke and I glared at her. “Yah, exactly like that. Now let’s go. I’ve got a lot of homework...” I spoke, slipping on my shoes and started to walk past the three of them when Geno took a hold of me, and obviously, I couldn’t get away as he was much bigger then me. “Hey. Seriously, I’ll punch you.” I spoke and glared at him as he held my arms, smirking at me. “Go head.” I watched him, but I couldn’t punch him. That smile of his, those eyes, jeez, he was like a puppy. I gave up, and looked to them. “Sorry. But seriously, I have homework. C’mon Carly!” Carly rolled her eyes. “It’s Saturday. You can do your precious homework tomorrow.” Geno was still holding my arms, tightly, I might add. I gave her props for knowing I would try to leave again. I sighed, completely giving up this time. Sitting down on the bench, and soon Jordan had appeared.

I looked to Jordan, a smirk on his face as he looked to Max, Geno, and Carly. I felt like I was being babysat. I glared at him as he smirked at me, crossing his arms over his chest. “Leave.” I spat, and, I just got a laugh from him. “You’re like one of those terriers, small and feisty.” Jordan replied, causing everyone to laugh. Jeez, could they not see I was upset? I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t acting very nice at all, and it made me sad, but Carly knew how I was with hockey, why couldn’t she just lay off? I sighed, looking to the ground, hoping they’d leave. I seriously didn’t want to get any meaner. I was acting like something I really wasn’t today, and it was bothering me.

A few moments later, I felt two arms snake around me, taking me in a hug; I looked up to fine Geno with a soft smile on his face “Happy Birthday.” Geno spoke in his thick Russian accent, and hugged me. I hadn’t been hugged, well, I don’t know the last time I had a real hug. I never hugged my parents. It was just something I didn’t do. Whenever someone gave me a hug, it never really was a real hug. They never really meant anything, this, this hug was different though, and I could feel my legs getting weaker, and I felt like crying. I never cried, and I certainly didn’t want to here. They’d probably think I was a freak from all the things they’d witnessed form me today. Instead, I just stood completely still and tense like always, in hiding.

“You tense.” Geno spoke, un wrapping his arms from me, looking to the others. Carly sighed, and then smirked. “K, c’mon grumpy. I’m taking you to get some alcohol.” She spoke, grinning. “Can we come? We’re very good at celebrating things.” Max spoke, grinning, and Jordan nodded. Both of them laughing, and Geno smiled. I looked to Carly. “You know me, I don’t really want…” That got me a shove from Carly. “Too bad, you’re coming, and I’ll carry you if I have to.” She spoke as she made her way off the ice, un tying her skates and slipping on her shoes. “No, it’s okay, I’ll... wait in the car.” I sounded like a ten year old kid who didn’t want to go into the grocery store. Carly rolled her eyes and smirked. “Better yet, I’ll get them to carry you.” Carly spoke, grinning, and I looked to the guys. Smirks on their faces, and I was sure I didn’t want them to carry me. Who knows where they’d take me. “Fine, but I’m not drinking anything.” I spoke, crossing my arms over my chest. Max laughed, ruffling my hair. “Girls are so cute when they’re angry.” I watched him, uncrossing my arms and standing up as they all started to walk away. “Hey! Come back so I can punch you!” I spoke, headed after them.

I looked through the doors to get to the parking lot. “Carly, tell me again my we left our jackets in the car in February?” I spoke as we walked through the door, following the three guys. That got me nudge from Carly, yah, she could only put up with so much of my mood. “Shut up and be happy.” She spoke and caught up beside the guys, landing in beside Max and Jordan. I sighed, glancing around downtown Toronto. It seriously was a scary place at night, especially when you were my size and age. I caught up with the guys, finding myself beside Geno. “So, where are we going?” I asked no one in particular. Max answered, and smirked as I notice Jordan come over and stand beside me. “It’s a surprise.” Max spoke, and I felt a cloth wrap around my head. Now I was being blindfolded? What? This felt like some weird kidnapping movie. “Umm…” Then, I felt two people pick me up. “What the hell is…” Someone put their hand over my mouth. “Hey, we’ve got tape. I suggest you be quiet.” Max spoke, and I could hear Carly laughing. I had been forced to go, and now they were doing this to me? Something told me I was never going to go out alone with Carly ever again.

I felt myself being put into a large truck or car in the backseat, and someone sitting beside me while I heard other doors open and close while the car started. “Okay, seriously, tell me-..” Someone gently touched my arm, and a shiver ran up my spine. I could hear breathing close to my ear, and I was tense again. Oh how I wish I could take this blindfold off. I heard a chuckle, and the breathing made its way away from my ear. I sat there, in that vehicle, and wished I could see where we were going, and who was sitting beside me, and if Carly was in the automobile too.

The vehicle came to a stop, and I heard Max say ‘we’re here!’ which could be a bad or a good thing. I sighed, and felt someone take hold of me again. Leading me out of the car, we were all walking along the sidewalk now. Then I heard music, it got louder and louder until I knew we were inside some club. I sighed. Carly always knew a few places.

I listened and was lead up some stairs, and I was put on a couch, or a large chair while bodies sat down beside me. I could tell it was Max and Geno. “Can you please take this thing off of me now?” I spoke, clearly annoyed. Max laughed, and I could tell he was grinning. “Nope. You have to drink something first.” Carly spoke and I stuck my tongue out at her, wherever she was “Fine.” I held out my hand, and a glass was put in it. I sighed. Lifting the glass to my lips, I drank it quickly, and it burned down my throat, I made a face, and the blindfold was removed from my head. I looked around, welcomed my grinning facing. I sighed “How’d we get in here?” I spoke. We were in some club, in what seemed like the vip section, and, well, couldn’t they tell I was underage? “Do you even have to ask that?” Max spoke, grinning, and raising an eyebrow. “I guess not Superstar.” I spoke sarcastically, looking to Carly. “Can we leave now?” Carly looked at me, and I could tell she was angry. I kind of regretted those words leaving my mouth.

Just as she was about to yell at me, Jordan handed her a drink as he himself grabbed a glass and winked. I watched her as she quickly finished the drink, he too, and she led him down the stairs, and to the dance floor. I sighed. Great, she’d abandoned me, actually, that kind of made sense. I was being an idiot.

I looked to Max and Geno, not sure what to do now. I wasn’t much for dancing or drinking, hell; this drink was already getting me tipsy. What had they put in it? I looked to them. “So…” Max smirked, looked to Geno, and handed me another drink. I raised an eyebrow, and he did too. “C’mon, drink it yourself or I’m putting the blindfold back on.” Max smiled, and I watching him, drinking it. I looked to him glaring “I hate you.” I was getting drunk, after two drinks, whatever was in them, and it was pretty embarrassing. Why Carly? Why? “Eh, you’ll love me by the end of the night!” He spoke, ruffling my hair then got up from the coach, heading down the stairs, leaving me with Geno.

I looked to Geno, and he smiled. “You be fine in morning. Trust me.” Geno spoke, and I grinned. “Thanks Geno.” I spoke, and looked around, looking back to him. He grinned “Want dance?” He asked, giving me that dopey smile, and I grinned. I just could not say no to him. “Might as well.” I spoke, and we headed down the stairs, him half carrying me, as I was stumbling, and headed to the dance floor.


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